Big Brother’s Pauline exposed as fake

Bogus Big Brother contestant Pauline has been given her marching orders – after the other housemates decided she was the ‘most fake’ member of their group.

Actress Thaila, who was pretending to be Australian waitress Pauline, was told on Tuesday night to leave the house.

In a task housemates had two minutes to position themselves on 12 podiums – ranging from least fake to most fake member.

Brian Belo, who had earlier been told the truth about Thalia by Big Brother but ordered not to tell anyone, appeared agonised at wanting to pass the task but not blow his secret.

In a masterstroke he said: “I think we should put Pauline at the end, because we don’t know her as well, yeah?

“To be fair. Nothing against you Pauline.”

Big Brother then instructed housemates to gather on the sofas as Thalia was called to the Diary Room.

The grand announcement followed shortly, as Big Brother revealed ‘Pauline’ was not from Australia and was, in fact, an actress from Swindon… and by identifying her as the most fake, housemates had passed their shopping task.

Charley screamed: “She’s watched the show! She made out she knew us… She was too pretty, too English, sounded like she was from Richmond!

“What did I tell you? You lot, what mugs do you feel? Gerry, you got so close to her, aww. She sat and cried over her dog to you… she made it up!”

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