Big Brother’s Rex is in it to win it, says Craig

The first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover Craig Phillips is hoping Rex doesn’t get the boot on Friday…

What do you think of Big Brother’s latest twist – the head of house and the heaven and hell divide?

“It was expected, I think it’s good! It’s cruel, it’s generally a good package for Big Brother really as it’s going to make the housemates dislike each other, it’s going to get their frustrations built up and it’s given them loads of ammunition to wind each other up, which is a recipe for disaster really. I’m just glad they didn’t do it in our programme!”

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Craig Phillips bannerHow would you have coped in that situation?

“I would have just got on with it really, whichever side I was on, you would have just had to make do with it. They didn’t give us anything that harsh when we were in there though, we were all innocent I think!”

Do you think the right housemates got put on the right sides?

“I really thought that Darnell would have brought Mikey into the heavenly side – I was really surprised by that, but then on Monday night he said he was a good pal of his and he wanted him to enjoy the rough side, which I think was a bit mean of him! But otherwise I think the only person I’d put on the rich side would be Luke. He would have been all right on the rich side, but he’s entertaining wherever he goes.”

Which other housemates are you liking at the moment?

“Well, Rex is sort of creeping up for me. He’s managed to upset everybody!”

Do you think he’s serious about wanting to leave and not caring if he is evicted?

“No, not at all, I think it’s just a front! If you look back on all the Big Brothers everybody says they don’t care if they go but it’s just your way of thinking, saying you don’t want to be out and end up with egg on your face! When you go on Big Brother you’ve been through months of build-up before going away and you’re prepared to be away for the full duration, but no matter how hard it sometimes seems to be in there everybody who is there is in it to win.”

Do you think the right person went on Friday?

“I would have preferred Bex to go – she reminds me of Vicky Pollard! I would have liked her to go, she’s more annoying than anyone else in there.”

So who do you think will be evicted this week?

“I think Belinda will go. She came in really confident, but she hasn’t won many hearts in the public really, and she’s winding them all up in there. And her snoring! She’s worse than Mario! Rex has been in from day one and I think when newcomers come in and they’re up for eviction straight away they go. So I think she’ll definitely be out!”

Do you think Darnell makes a good head of house?

“I personally wouldn’t have had Darnell as head of house, and I bet the people he put on the poor side are regretting voting for him! I would have chosen Lisa, I bet she would have been sensible about things. But maybe you want someone a bit mad to do it. Rex would have been all right!”

What else have you enjoyed about Big Brother this week?

“The cycling task is good. A good bit of exercise will be good for the housemates – it certainly helped me when we had physical tasks to do instead of mental tasks. For the morale of the house it’s a good task. And also the food fight! It actually made me miss being in the house because that kind of thing can make any adult feel like a child again. They had a great one at the dinner table before Darnell was elected, and it basically got out of control, and before you knew it it was every man for themselves! That genuinely did make me think about the time I was in the house and miss it in a little way. It’s not often I think like that, but it’s times like that that I do.”

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