Big Brother housemates Lisa and Sara shared a £50,000 cash jackpot, after going head-to-head in a game of trust.

The pair were given a block each saying ‘share’ or ‘take’ and were asked to chose between the two without showing their opponent.

If both had chosen the ‘take’ block, neither would have won anything; if just one of the pair had chosen ‘take’, that person would have walked off with the entire £50,000.

Sara and Lisa had one minute to discuss their decision before revealing the blocks, but were told they could lie in order to win the cash.

Sara said: “I will choose to share. Think the world of you Lisa, you know that.”

Lisa replied: “I wouldn’t want to do anything different. You have been my best buddy on the show”.

Both stayed true to their word and revealed the ‘share’ block, meaning they halved the jackpot, walking off with £25,000 each.

Sara and Lisa had been put up for eviction by their housemates minutes before.

They had to nominate in front of each other in the lounge during the special live programme.

Housemates reacted with shock to the twist, with Kathreya shouting: “No way! No way!”

They were given one minute to put the names of the two people they were nominating on a card.