Former Big Brother winner Brian Belo has quit the show just over a week after he entered the house with two other former housemates.

Brian, who triumphed in 2007 when he picked up almost two thirds of the votes in the final, was brought back earlier this month with ex-contestant Nikki Grahame and last year’s winner Helen Wood as ‘Time Warp’ housemates.

A Channel 5 spokesman confirmed he had left the Big Brother house of his own accord and said more details would be revealed on Wednesday night’s show.

Brian hit the headlines during his first stint on the show when he asked his fellow housemates “who’s Shakespeare?”. He later appeared in Harry Hill’s TV Burp and performed Shakespeare scenes in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2008.

Speaking before he entered the house a second time, he described it as “like a home away from home”.

He said: “I need to remember to just enjoy it, I’m more grown up and I’ve scratched up on my literature this time, so I know who Shakespeare is.

“I have been watching the Australian Big Brother and the guy that won it was 27, which is the same age as me, and I wondered what would it be like for me to be in there in my mid-20s.”