Chanelle: Chiggy’s still on!

Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has hinted that her love affair with Ziggy Lichman may not be over just yet.

But the former boybander has got some grovelling to do if he’s to get back into the Posh wannabe’s good books.

In an interview with New magazine, Chanelle said: “He’s certainly got some apologising to do. But I think he knows that.”

The pair had an on-off relationship in the Big Brother house, with the blonde eventually leaving when the stress of it became too much.

But she said that leaving didn’t spell the end though: “I never said it’s definitely over. I just said we really need to have a talk. I didn’t say, Ziggy, you’re dumped.

“I just said I was feeling annoyed about a certain conversation [in which Ziggy implied to Liam that he and Chanelle had sex].”

She added that there would be conditions attached to their reunion.

“He’d have to say that he’d never speak to Charley, obviously. I don’t want him being near someone so spiteful. She’s vile.”

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