Channel 4 to launch ‘beautiful’ Big Brother

Channel 4 is to launch a new Big Brother-style reality show for self-declared beautiful people.

Vanity Lair, fronted by former Popworld presenter Alexa Chung, will see 10 contestants moving into a luxury mansion in London and competing for a £10,000 prize.

Over the course of the 10-week series, new recruits will arrive and attempt to win their way into the house.

The new arrivals who convince the residents they are the most ‘attractive’ will get to stay, kicking out a person already in the house that they feel shouldn’t be there.

How each housemate chooses to measure ‘attractiveness’, and whether that changes throughout the series, is up to them.

Channel 4 deputy commissioning editor, Sangeeta Bhaskar, said: “Vanity Lair will give us an fascinating insight into the notion of what makes someone beautiful through a series of unique and entertaining experiments across a 10-week period.

“Beauty is subjective and through this series we hope to challenge the viewer’s notions of what constitutes being attractive, whether it be based on looks, humour or charm.”

Due to hit our screens later this year, Vanity Lair will air in the Shipwrecked slot on Sunday evenings, with a repeat during T4 on weekend mornings.

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