Coolio, McCririck face Big Brother eviction

Rapper Coolio and racing pundit John McCririck will face the first Ultimate Big Brother eviction.

Housemates were surprised to find themselves called to the Diary Room one by one to name the contestants they would like to see given the boot.

John has made no secret of his wish to be given the shove, wandering round with a small banner saying “evict me please”.

He told Davina McCall when he went into the house on Tuesday that he would like to be out as soon as possible.

John also said he was only in it for the money.

The curmudgeonly presenter has already been in dispute with producers and is refusing to talk to anyone.

Chantelle was making her nomination while housemate Josie was fleeing the show and her session in the Diary Room had to be abandoned while show bosses tackled the situation.

She returned later to complete the process.

The eviction will take place on Friday with two other former housemates, Michelle Bass and Victor Ebuwa, set to join.

Ladies’ man Coolio – known for his hit Gangsta’s Paradise – has been getting to grips with his female housemates.

He got into the bath with Chantelle and later gave Makosi a lingering cuddle.