As the final of Big Brother 9 approaches, Craig Phillips, the first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover considers who will triumph this year…

Out of the seven housemates left, who do you think will be evicted in Tuesday night’s eviction special?

“I think Mohamed and Rachel will be the first two to go. From what I’m hearing from the public, they are the two least popular housemates. Or Mohamed and Rex. He and Darnell have been picking on Sara and if she’s liked on the outside that’ll definitely knocked Rex’s rating down. Sara did get the loudest cheer on Friday night, didn’t she.”

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Craig Phillips bannerAfter weeks of arguing it appears that Darnell and Sara have made up…

“It had been going on for a while with Darnell and Sara hadn’t it and just exploded. I know they’ve made up since and they were all lovey dovey at the weekend. I think Darnell might be misreading it a bit though, I think he’s thinking ‘I’m in here’. But I don’t think he is.”

Do you think Darnell’s trying to get himself back into viewers’ good books by flirting with Sara?

“No, not really. He’s always had a soft spot for Sara and he’s always been chasing her. He’s tried to come on to her and things but, in his way, it’s a little bit immature and it hasn’t really worked. He’s probably not even aware of how the show’s put together or what the public are thinking of him.”

So, which housemates do you think will make it to the final three?

“Sarah, Kat or Mikey are definitely going to be in the final three. And I think that Mikey or Kat will win. They’ll have won the public over a little bit more and they’ve been in there longer than Sara. If I had to put my money on it, I’d say it’ll be Sara third, Kat second and Mikey to win.”

So who do you think most deserves the win?

“It’s been hardest for Mikey with his disability but he’ll have enjoyed the experience the most out of all the housemates. Also, I wouldn’t have thought that Mikey had been playing a game and he hasn’t been playing the ‘I’m disabled’ card. I’d say Mikey deserves it and I would like to see him win.”

You’ve enjoyed a successful TV career since winning the first Big Brother. What’s your secret?

“I don’t think anyone coming out of the house now will still be on TV in nine years time – the fact that I’ve been able to work on TV shows that have involved building and design has been the key for me. Back then, I had a trade, there we’re a lot of makeover shows on TV and I quickly slipped into them and I’m still working on them today.”

Tell us more about the concept of 60 Minute Makeover?

“We’ve had 80 shows commissioned this year and we’re about 65 in. We’re due to finish filming in mid-October time. Basically, we find a family that has had a tough time and we’ll surprise them with a home makeover. I’m the main builder on the show with Jason Godwin – but about 50 of us will turn up at 7am one morning and tear the house apart!”

What do you like about being on the show?

“60 Minute Makeover definitely changes people’s lives. And, on the physical side, it’s very rewarding and every day’s a new challenge for us. It’s hard but it keeps the cobwebs off me!”

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