Craig Phillips: Nicole is Rex’s ‘little trophy’

In his weekly chat, the first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover, Craig Phillips, tells us that he thinks Nicole isn’t doing Rex any favours…

Were you surprised about Dale and Stuart being up for eviction last week?

“Yeah for the both of them. I wasn’t expecting either of them actually. I thought those two would certainly be in it for the duration. I’m a bit disappointed actually; obviously Dale went, a Liverpool lad. He’s made out he wanted to for some time now, but I don’t really believe them when they say that. If they wanted to go they could walk out at any moment. I think it’s all a bit of talk really.”

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Craig Phillips bannerDo you think he regrets his actions now he’s out?

“I saw Dale aggravating people the last week or two to make them nominate him. That’s a little bit strange. I don’t really know that there’s method in his madness. He seemed genuinely pleased to be out, but I saw him on Big Brother’s Little Brother and I think he’s probably thinking, ‘I should have stuck it out a bit longer. The longer I’m in there, the higher my profile, the longer I’ll stay around’.”

Kat was favourite for a while wasn’t she, but now apparently it’s Mikey…

“I think he could see it through definitely. I think he’ll definitely be there in the end, the last week… Definitely up there.”

He’s head of house this week, how do you think he’ll handle it?

“I think it will do him the world of good. It will boost his confidence in there. I think he has got, I feel, a disadvantage being blind. It’s a lot harder for him in there when people are getting excited, some of the tasks – they’re obviously a lot harder for him to do. So I think putting him in that position where he’s head of house will make him feel a bit more special. Not that he needs to come out of his shell, but I just think it’ll do him the world of good in the house. Give him a little bit more boost and energy in there.”

Do you think bringing down the Heaven and Hell divide will give them a boost? How do you think that will affect relationships?

“I think it’s going to be different what we see from Rex and his girlfriend. I think they’re going to be in bed together, no doubt. I think she’s bringing out the worst in him though. We’ve seen a little bit of bullying from him against Rachel the last few weeks. I think he’s a bit of a control freak with his girlfriend. She’s his little trophy that he wants to show off. And he’s paranoid. I don’t think that’s going to be doing him any favours. I think as soon as he’s next up for eviction, he’ll be gone.”

Do you think Nicole has been able to establish herself separately in the house?

“I personally think she’s a little bit spoilt. She wouldn’t have been brought in there if it wasn’t for Rex. I put it down to her being a bit young and immature, but I don’t think she’s helping him in any way. She should be supporting him to win and not thinking about trying to win herself. But she’s not, she’s giving him ammunition for him to snap at her and become argumentative with her and it’s only going to backfire for both of them. It’s great for TV, but it’s really bad for them.”

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