In his second interview with, the first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover Craig Phillips gives his thoughts about this year’s crowded house – and the best way to win the 100k!

What have you thought of Big Brother 9 so far?

“I think this wedding scenario has really turned things upside down. Absolutely – to be part of a couple who are really together and in love with each other it’s going to be real, real difficult to hold that back. Stephanie was quite horrified to be put in that predicament. But [Mario] was putting his heart into it more than her. Obviously, he’s a lot more confident, but she didn’t put her heart into it.”

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Craig Phillips bannerWhat do you make of Stephanie?

“She’s from Liverpool, isn’t she? Only 19 – the pressure of, first, being put in the Big Brother house anyway, they’re still going to be on a high from that; their minds are going to be racing with what’s going on outside and how it’s being perceived, then to be put in together with someone else a whole lot older, it’s got to be hard for her to act it out, especially if she’s got no experience of acting. It’ll be interesting to see how long she lasts [in the house].”

What’s it like when you first enter the house?

“It’s very worrying when you first go in and you don’t know the housemates, but it’s exciting too. When we went in there we didn’t feel like there was going to be conflict, we were so excited and we were all ready to have fun. But I think these characters now go in there thinking, ‘I’ve got to really stand my ground here, I’m good at arguing’ – and it’s only going to be moment before an argument explodes.”

You really didn’t expect any confrontations when you were in there?

“I’d say people now are more prepared for a confrontation. I didn’t think there would be much confrontation when we were, though it did happen in the end with Nick Bateman. But these new guys going in have their guards up already. You can even see it in the audition tapes – they say ‘We’ll stand our grounds… If anyone confronts me I’ll put them in their place’!”

You think it’s a deliberate tactic by Big Brother producers?
“That girl Alexandra was blowing up on day three – it’s why Big Brother picked her to go in there. Their psychiatrist would have worked out they’re fiery characters and will stand their ground.”

Do you have any favourite housemates yet?

“Because of the editing it’s hard to build up a liking or an idea of who’s going to win it yet. Talking from past experience, it’s been the quiet starters who’ve usually gone further; the people who aren’t getting much exposure now. In about another two weeks’ time I’ll start to get my feelings on who’s going to go the distance. It’ll probably be the quieter ones who now get the least exposure.”

Why do you say that?

“It’s kind of like myself, really. Apparently in the early shows they didn’t show a lot of me on it. The first four weeks I got no exposure and they portrayed me as being asleep all the time and lazy. It’s the total opposite of me! I’ve never been lazy, but that’s how they edited it. We all slept a lot because we were so bored…”

What’s the best way to win Big Brother?

“Don’t aim for the big exposure when you first go in there, sit it out, try and stay quiet and not upset anybody, so you’re not getting nominated every week, then towards the end you sort of become a bit louder really. Obviously you don’t stop being yourself – the best advice is to really be yourself. But judging by some of the characters in there this series, it’s going to explode any way!”

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