Dan Neal leaves Big Brother following ‘twist’ eviction

Dan Neal has become the fifth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother after falling victim to the ‘safe house’ twist.

The 33-year-old former policeman lost out – much to his surprise – after the latest secrets and lies twist was revealed to the housemates on Friday night.

The contestants had spent the entire week thinking Dan – along with Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans – was immune from the public vote after being chosen to go into the ‘safe house’ with them on Monday.

However Big Brother revealed on Friday it had lied to the housemates once again – and that in fact Sam, Sophie and Dan were all facing the public vote.

While all concerned appeared shocked, Dan accepted his fate – leaving the house to a mixed response from the crowd and telling Emma Willis he had not expected to stay over Sam or Sophie.

“I knew if I was up against those two I’d go,’ he said. “Sam and Sophie in our eyes are two of the favourites, some people in the house would probably have said that I was.”

He also defended his bluntness while in the house, which led to conflicts with some of his fellow housemates after he voiced suspicions about them being actors.

“At least people knew where they stood with me,” he pointed out,” because I always said what I thought all the time.”

Dan is the first male housemate to be evicted, following the previous exits of Sallie Axl, Jemima Slade, Jackie Travers and Wolfy Millington.

Two male housemates – Michael Dylan and Daley Ojuederie – have already left but neither by traditional means, Michael departing after revealing himself to be an actor and Daley being removed from the house for his behaviour towards Hazel O’Sullivan.

Eight housemates now remain, and will apparently face more twists and turns – with a live broadcast from the Big Brother house scheduled for Monday’s show.