Welsh minister Dave has been put up for eviction by Big Brother this week as punishment for breaking the rules.

The housemates were gathered on the sofa this afternoon [Monday] and it was revealed, as punishment for discussing nominations late on Sunday night, that Dave would not be allowed to nominate this week and he will automatically face the public vote for eviction on Friday.

As they waited on the sofas in the living area, Dave said: “This is different. I wonder what is going to happen.”

Then Big Brother announced nominations would take place on MOnday as normal, but new housemates JJ, Laura and Jo would not nominate and are not allowed to be nominated.

It was then added that Dave had broken the rules and could not nominate and would automatically face eviction, so the remaining housemates could not nominate him.

Josie joked: “What am I going to do now?!”

And Dave told the others: “You’ve all got to find another person to nominate now.”

The housemates have been discussing nominations worriedly all morning, and contemplating refusing to nominate in a bid for Big Brother to put them all up for eviction on Friday.

Dave told Ben: “I know what I said that I shouldn’t have said. I know who I wouldn’t nominate, but I don’t know who I would nominate.”

Ben told him: “You’re lucky – you’re off the hook now.”

Dave replied: “Just go and talk about someone and they’ll put us all up!”

Steve, John James, Josie, Mario, Corin, Ben, Andrew and Rachel must now nominate each other.