Davina McCall has claimed that Channel 4 axed Big Brother amid fears over the show’s growing controversy.

The presenter – who has fronted the show since it first began in 2000 – said that it became a “hot potato” following 2007’s Celebrity Big Brother.

That series hit the headlines over Jade Goody’s alleged racist bullying of actress Shilpa Shetty, while Channel 4 received over 54,000 complaints from viewers.

“God, Channel 4 took some flak for that show – they are probably really glad to get rid of just the hottest potato they’ve ever had,” Davina said.

“But I think now, in the light of day, it was the right time.”

However Davina added that she mourned the show for a week after hearing of its demise.

“I did need a good week of feeling really down about it and a bit sad,” she admitted, “I couldn’t really talk to anyone about it.”

And she also promised that the final series – which is due to begin in June – would “go out with a bang”.

From what I hear, it is going to be everything that you thought you knew, you didn’t – if you know what I mean? But I’d rather end on a big high than dribble out.”

The new logo for the series, in which the famous Big Brother eye has been turned into a flower-filled wreath, was unveiled on Friday.

And a trailer for the show in which former housemates hold a funeral for the Diary Room chair, will be screened on Channel 4 Monday night after Davina’s new game show Million Pound Drop.