Jaime Winstone has said that Davina McCall makes a great zombie.

Both stars appear in forthcoming zombie TV drama Dead Set, in which the Big Brother house gets invaded by zombies, and Jaime said Davina could now consider a career as an actress.

“She was so up for it! So game,” said Jaime.

“Davina was a great zombie… It could be a back-up career for her. I think viewers will love seeing her like this. If you like BB, or dislike it, you’re going to be intrigued. It’s great to see her in this light.”

Jaime, a horror movie fan herself, added that Dead Set gets very gory in parts.

“There’s stuff in there that’s pretty disgusting,” she said. “The prosthetics smell pretty bad. There’s the bit where I smash a zombie’s head in and, argh, the smell.

“Dead Set is extremely gory, but I grew up on horror films. I love it! Fright Night, Hellraiser, The Shining, you name them.

“These films are so wrong, but oh so right! It’s great to see horror coming back. I mean, it’s amazing!”

Dead Set begins on Monday, October 27 on E4 and will show an episode every night that week, with its finale on Halloween night.