Davina McCall has admitted she doesn’t drink alcohol in case it leads her back into drug addiction.

The TV star – who has been open about her past battle with drugs – told The Guardian that if she were to have a drink at a party she fears she might spiral into using other substances.

She said: “I can still spot people going into the toilet in twos. I can see hand gestures, I can see packets being passed to each other, I can see it from a million miles. If I’m sober, I just think, oh, good for you.

“If I’m drunk, I’d be thinking, I wonder if I could just go and hang out, and if somebody asks me or invites me in, then I’m powerless and I should just say yes. That’s what I’d be thinking, I would. Some people maybe can start drinking again, but I just know that I can’t.”

Davina, 46, started taking drugs in her teens and by her 20s was using heroin.

“Drink and drugs helped me feel glacially cool. Drugs helped me stop feeling so insecure about what people thought about me. And I really cared what people thought,” she said.

She revealed that family friend Eric Clapton talked her into getting help and she has been sober since she was 25.

For a while she thought she could still drink alcohol, but Davina then realised she had to give up everything for good.

“Alcohol just leads me to drugs, because my willpower completely goes out the window,” said the mum-of-three.

 – Press Association