Denise Welch: ‘I don’t have a flashing disorder!’

Denise Welch has insisted her children were unruffled by her flashing antics during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

The actress was seen to strip off while drunk and romp in a hot tub topless during the Channel Five series, as well as trying to pull down a housemate’s pyjama bottoms.

She admitted she made a few ‘mistakes’ as she appeared on ITV1’s Loose Women, for which she is a regular host.

But the mother-of-two – married to actor Tim Healy – said her family shrugged off her displays of flesh. “To be honest, both my children said ‘Mummy, we’d have been more bothered if you’d been horrible to someone in there’,” she said.

The 53-year-old joked: “I just don’t think the nation should be deprived of my natural assets.”

However she said if she were to relive the Big Brother experience, she ‘probably wouldn’t’ have jumped into the hot tub without her top. “That wasn’t my best moment, I have to say,” Denise added.

She reassured viewers that she has not got ‘compulsive flashing disorder’, and said it was no secret she liked to drink.

She conceded that she went too far during Big Brother when she grabbed at Playboy model Karissa Shannon’s pyjamas and tried to tug them down. She said she had misread how close they were, adding: “I made some mistakes and I apologised for them.”

Denise said her behaviour has not had an impact on her relationship with her husband, who celebrated his 60th birthday this weekend. “Everything’s fine at home,” she said.

But she said she was not keen to see housemate Michael Madsen ever again, following an abrasive three weeks together.