Eviction night nerves beset the Big Brother house

Friday night’s impending eviction is the talk of the Big Brother house, with housemates unable to predict who will go in the public vote.

Either 21-year-old nursery nurse Rebecca, known in the house as Bex, or 43-year-old Mario will be leaving the house.

During a stroll around the garden, some of the boys admitted they were stumped, with Luke speculating that Mario may get the boot because people love to see couples split up.

Dale said: “I think Bex will have a lot of fans, but if Mario goes then I couldn’t say what he had done wrong. And I think people will find her annoying.”

Rex added: “To be honest, I keep changing my mind. But I think I’m going to go for Bex.”

And in the diary room Welsh former model Rachel told Big Brother she was worried ‘something was going to happen’ during Friday night’s live show.

She said: “I’m a little bit worried about it to be honest. Mario’s sort of hinting that if he’s evicted, he’ll be saying exactly what he thinks about everyone, and then he was saying it to Bex as well, and she’s going to do the same thing.”

Perma-tanned bodybuilder Mario later appeared to confirm her fears, telling Wigan student Luke that he was going to tell a few ‘home truths’ if he was evicted.