Final Big Brother house has ‘circus’ theme

The final Big Brother house has been revealed as having a circus theme – but despite the carnival atmosphere contestants could be in for a difficult time.

While the house features such novelties as garish decor featuring clowns and strongmen, and a fairground carousel in the garden, many of the interior walls and doors – including those of the bathroom – are made of transparent glass.

Commissioning editor David Williams told the BBC News website that the house was “slightly Alice In Wonderland” in feel but warned that housemates would have few opportunities for privacy.

“All the glass makes it feel lighter, but on the other hand you can never get away from anyone,” Williams said. “You can kind of see from one end of the house to the other – which is a first.”

The luxury bathroom has wallpaper which features pictures of presenter Davina McCall and other past housemates, while the bedroom is described as a “magical nursery” which has sleigh-like beds and pictures of horses on the walls.

And the kitchen has a huge table with plates and crockery below the surface behind glass.

The diary room chair, however, is being kept under wraps until the series begins on June 9.

The format of the launch night show will be different to previous years, with 80 or 90 hopefuls being whittled down to the final 14 who will enter the house.

Creative director Phil Edgar-Jones promised there would be some “familiar faces” on the night but denied there were any plans to bring back housemates from previous series.

He also said that the launch show would not feature contestants arriving in cars to be booed or cheered by the crowd.

“We’ve got some mad twists and turns because it’s the last series,” he said. “I want it to be a really funny series.”

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