Find out more about the Big Brother 15 housemates

A new batch of contestants entered the Big Brother house on Thursday night – here are their vital statistics.

Winston Showan (pictured)
From – Essex
Described as ‘a real lad’s lad’, Winston shares a bachelor pad with a mate and dreams of becoming a racing driver.

He is single and says he is quite picky when it comes to relationships, adding: “I’m a secret romantic at heart but sometimes I pretend not to be.”
Winston thinks he will be the ‘best housemate ever’, but only if he does not have to get involved in any task involving horses because he is ‘petrified’ of them.

Tamara Stewart-Wood
From – London
Described as ‘ambitious’ and ‘bubbly’, Tamara says the most important person in her life is herself.

She ran away from home aged 16 and said she likes independent women and ‘can’t stand women who just want to make babies and cook lasagne for their husbands’.
The city headhunter dreams of being the boss from hell and said: “I’m known as Cruella de Vil or a heartless bitch.”

Steven Goode
From – Hertfordshire
This housemate says he is looking for love after his last relationship fell apart when he discovered the woman he was dating was married.

He says his best trait is his generosity, saying: “I am extremely generous, spend stupid amounts of money and I’m always the first one at the bar to buy people drinks.”
He thinks he can win, but will struggle if any of the tasks involve rats because he has a ‘huge phobia’ of the rodents.

Pauline Bennett
From – Wolverhampton
A feisty character who says she does not ‘suffer fools gladly’ performed with Kylie Minogue on a top 10 single and claims she told the Australian singer that her songs were ‘s***’.

She describes herself as ‘the old prankster’ of the house and says her friends would describe her as ‘opinionated’. She has a phobia of red meat and ‘anything out of the sea’ and said she would be ‘mortified’ if asked to rap.

Matthew Davies
From – Hertfordshire
The graduate describes himself as ‘camp’ and ‘feminine’, but has been with his girlfriend for five years.

He says he is ‘provocative’ and a ‘troublemaker’, but says people will like his ‘dry’ sense of humour. He often wears make-up, so could end up having to borrow foundation and eyeliner from the girls.

Mark Byron
From – Liverpool
The Scouser who claims to be ‘a bit psychic’ says he sometimes uses tarot cards to decide what to wear.

He auditioned for The x-Factor in 2011 but was rejected by the judges with Gary Barlow telling him he could not sing in tune. He says he is too ‘picky’ to date anyone and says his short temper is one of his worst features, adding: “I often fly off the handle over the smallest things like if the wind blows my hair out of place.”

Christopher Hall
From – County Fermanagh
Reporter Christopher admires people with strong opinions and says during his time in the house he ‘won’t hold back and wants to let loose and have no regrets’.

He has never had a relationship, but looks forward to ‘building something special with the right man”. Hall admits to overindulging at the weekends and after a heavy night out he says ‘I wake up in need of a wheelchair and a bacon sandwich, wishing I was dead’. He says he will get on best with ‘eccentric, uninhibited people’, and is not looking forward to having to ‘endure 24 hours of social interaction’.

Danielle McMahon
From – Glasgow
The single lingerie model says she lives her life by strict Catholic values, does not agree with sex before marriage and has ‘old-fashioned’ views about traditional gender roles and believes the ‘1950s housewife was a better role model’.

She wants her own business and wants to launch a ‘new type of Wonderbra’ if she can get the investment. McMahon says she will get on best with ‘well mannered, cultured, mature people’, and could clash with ‘iberal girls’ with vulgar stories.

Despite a career in which she is only partially clad, she says she is unhappy at the trend for revealing clothes and wants to show people how to have ‘class, flair and charisma’.

Helen Wood
From – Bolton
Helen achieved a measure of notoriety when she reportedly had an affair with England star Wayne Rooney and she also boasted of liaisons with other players. The Catholic-raised mother, who has a 10-year-old son says she is ‘massively against abortion’ and although she no longer practises her religion, she said: “I truly believe that Catholic schools are better than non-faith schools.”

Wood said she was formerly a ‘borderline sex addict’, but now claims to be celibate. She recently spent £6,000 on veneers and says she ‘can’t stand bad teeth’ in men.

Kimberly Kisselovich
From – California
Playboy model Kimberly has Czech, French, and Spanish heritage, but was brought up in the US before heading to the UK to study further after leaving school.
She gained a degree in law before moving into glamour modelling, and she has also appeared in an ad for Lynx fragrances.

Kisselovich, who claims to be an impressive twerker, dislikes men who take longer to get ready than her and as a student she says she ‘punched a preppy boy in the face for groping my ass’.

More contestants will enter the Big Brother 15 house on Friday night on Channel 5.

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