Here is the first glimpse of the new Big Brother house – where nothing is quite where it should be…

The bathtub has been placed in the middle of the living room and surrounded by multi-coloured light panels – and the fridge is built into a wall at the far end of the garden.

Housemates hoping for a cuppa will be in for a shock too – the kettle and toaster have been locked away in a see-through cabinet and only Big Brother will decide when to open it.

But there’s more to the house than meets the eye.

A source said: “What you see here isn’t necessarily what you get. Let’s just say there are secret hidey holes and different areas that aren’t immediately apparent.”

Which means there could be a hidden room – or a second house altogether.
The weird layout provides tantalising clues that Big Brother has some shocks in store when series eight of the C4 show kicks off on May 30.

A 1970s-style phone sits by the sink – who exactly will be calling, and does the retro design have any significance?

There is a closed blind on the outside of the living room window – will someone be spying on the housemates?

One half of the living area is raspberry pink and the other half is baby blue, and the ‘kitchen’ consists of a sink on one side of the living area while there is a hotplate opposite – but where is the cooker?