George Lamb: ‘Big Brother 10 will be special’

George Lamb believes the makers of Big Brother will be pulling out all the stops to make sure this year’s 10th anniversary series is a big hit.

The presenter – who returns to host Big Brother’s Little Brother on June 5 – said last year’s series was a success and things would be ever better this year.

“It’s the 10th anniversary and as a result they’re gonna throw absolutely everything they’ve got at it and they want it to be bigger and better than it’s ever been,” said George.

He continued: “I think they really upped the game last year. They really upped the standards – it was a really good summer for Big Brother.

“And it came off the back of a couple of years where maybe it had been a little lacklustre.

“So I’ve no doubt that the 10th year will be what Big Brother is remembered for and it will be a pretty special series.”

However, he admitted it seemed unlikely the series would keep going past its 11th year.

“Davina (McCall) said she’s got two years to go on her contract,” he explained. “It’s evident that there is only one more series after this. I’m assuming they’re not going to be doing Big Brother without Davina.”

He continued: “It’s kind of done everything it can do, it’s achieved everything it can do, and life’s about developing and pushing yourself and going that little bit further and I think everybody involved in it wants to go and do something else and wants to go and open a new chapter of their lives.”

George Lamb returns to Big Brother’s Little Brother on June 5 at 6pm on E4.

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