‘Halfwit’, Cairon prepare for Big Brother eviction

Either ‘Halfwit’ or Cairon will be booted out of the Big Brother house on Friday night.

It is the second time aspiring politician Halfwit, whose real name is Freddie, has been put forward to face the public vote.

The 23-year-old, who usually lives in a stately home, received nine nominations – meaning that all but two housemates voted for him to go.

He changed his name to Halfwit earlier in the show to gain housemate status.

Scottish glamour model Karly nominated him, saying: “I feel like his intelligence is masked by this crazy side he has to him.

“I feel like it’s needless, I feel like it’s attention-seeking and it’s annoying everyone in the house – especially me. I cringe, it’s embarrassing.”

Halfwit faces Cairon in the eviction battle after the 18-year-old student garnered four nominations.

Discussing her reasons for nominating Cairon, Noirin said: “He’s so lazy. He doesn’t do any cleaning in the house, he doesn’t do any cooking in the house. All he does is sleep, maybe sometimes he gets up to have a smoke.”

Indian student Sree, who has clashed with Cairon several times in the house, also nominated him, blaming his bad language and immaturity.

On hearing the results, most housemates seemed unsurprised to hear that Halfwit faced the boot – but Cairon’s nomination sent some members reeling.

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