‘I’d let Luke suffer’, says Craig Phillips

In his weekly chat with whatsontv.co.uk, the first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover Craig Phillips reveals why he would have left Luke in Hell…

Was Belinda the right person to be evicted on Friday night?

“I was quite glad that Belinda went really. She’d only been in there a couple of weeks and I think she was starting to annoy everybody. It’s good that Rex is still in there. He’ll certainly be one of the last three in there – and Dale hopefully. I’d like Dale to win but I think Rex will. But Kat’s favourite isn’t she?”

But do you think Kat’s fallen out of favour this week following the banana incident?

“Yeah, I saw that, when her and Mo jumped over the fence. I didn’t think it was that bad. She hasn’t really got a bad bone in her body. She only jumped over and took a banana – worse things have happened in there haven’t they?”

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Craig Phillips bannerWould you say Darnell made a good Head of House?

“Well, he didn’t really do anything that impressed me in any way. He usually makes sense but sometimes when he gets wound up, he shouts and swears, which isn’t good for a leader. Maybe things went to his head a little bit.”

He certainly doesn’t seem to be enjoying life in Hell…

“He’s been getting a bit revved up recently hasn’t he, and Dale and a few of the others have been putting him straight. Now he isn’t Head of House, I think he’ll feel the strain a bit. There’s nothing like being at the top and suddenly being brought down, especially in there, where everything is blown out of proportion.”

How do you think Dale will do as Head of House?

“He should be alright. He’s only young but some of the things he says are reasonably sensible, so I think he’ll be good.”

Do you think that Dale, Stuart, Maysoon, Rex, Bex and Luke will all get along in Heaven?

“I quite like all of them – they would have all been my choices. Although, I do like Luke, but I would have left him in Hell because he’s funny with his moaning and his mannerisms. I’d have left him in Hell and let him suffer a little bit more.”

So, who will be nominated this week?

“I think Darnell will be put up this week, certainly by the people that he put in Hell last week. At least five of them will vote against him, so he’ll definitely be up for nomination.

But do you reckon the public will vote him out?

“I don’t know how they’ve taken to Darnell after his little outbursts. All it takes is a little thing like that to turn the public against you. People are always coming up to me, and telling me what they think of what happens on Big Brother, and as soon as someone has a little bit of a barny like that they want them out.”

It’s been reported that viewing figures for this series are dwindling. Do you think Big Brother has a future?

“Well, they say that the viewing figures are going down, but the same amount of people come up and talk to me about it. And, for everybody who slags it off, they can tell me the housemates names and what they’ve been doing, so they must still be watching it every night. If it’s still getting the phone votes, I think they’ll keep making it for a few more years yet.”

Do you think this year’s housemates are more aware of ‘the game’ than you all were on Big Brother 1?

“We had no idea how big the show was going to be or whether there’d be anything after it. I certainly didn’t think that eight years on I’d still be on TV! People who go in there now are seeing what we got when we came out and think it’s going to be the same for them.

“I think they should all just enjoy their time in there. Although it is stressful sometimes, it is a wonderful experience and they should make the most of it because when they come out all the attention could be on them for a just week and then they’ll slip away.”

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