Jade Goody’s husband-to-be Jack Tweed has promised to give her a “magical” day when the pair marry on Sunday.

As last-minute preparations for the wedding took place the 21-year-old told The Sun, “I’m really looking forward to it in a big way.

I love Jade more than anything and this is all we both want. It’s going to be the best day of my life.

I know how hard the next few weeks will be and I know I’ll be fighting back tears as she walks down the aisle. But I’m going to make it a magical day for my Jade.”

Jack popped the question to the cancer-stricken former Big Brother star eight days ago after doctors told Jade that she had just months to live.

The pair will tie the knot at Down Hall County Manor in Essex, with Richard and Judy and Jonathan Ross among those on the guest list. Girls Aloud are rumoured to be performing at the reception.

And the Mirror reports that guests will tuck into East End delicacies at the wedding including whelks, jellied eels, pie and mash and fish and chips.

However there is a more sombre side to the celebrations, as an emergency medical team will be on standby throughout the day, while Jade’s hospital bed has been moved to the venue in case she needs it.

“Jade is so weak it is feasible she might not be able to stand for the whole ceremony,” a family friend told The Sun.

“They have taken the bed to the hotel in case she does need to rest or if there is an emergency. It can be very quickly moved and drips can be attached. It’s a precaution, but a necessary one.”

Jade has also had a pouch sewn into her £3,500 wedding dress to attach a morphine drip.