Jackie Travers has become the fourth person to be evicted from Big Brother 2013, following a public vote which saw five housemates in the firing line.

Gina Rio, Dexter Koh, Callum Knell and twins Jack and Joe Glenny had also been facing possible eviction this week – although ultimately they all triuphed over Jackie, who had been the bookies’ favourite to leave.

The 59-year-old, who had entered the house with her daughter Charlie Travers, was left waiting to learn her fate after Dexter, Jack and Joe and Gina were eliminated from the vote earlier on in Friday evening’s show.

That left Jackie facing Callum – although the chants of ‘get Jackie out’ from the crowd outside suggested that their minds had already been made up as to who should leave.

There were emotional scenes inside the house prior to her depature as she hugged a tearful-looking Charlie, before heading outside to a largely negative reaction.

Afterwards in her eviction interview Jackie admitted she had not expected to last as long as she did in the house – adding that she felt ‘so lucky’ to have made it through five weeks.

She also revealed that she could never have gone into the house without her daughter by her side.

“I wouldn’t have done the show without Charlie,” she said. We’ve been supporting each other and I would have been too scared to come in on my own. Hopefully she’ll stay over the next few weeks.”

Meanwhile the latest twist in Big Brother‘s summer of secrets and lies was revealed after the housemates chose two of their number to enter the safe house on Friday night.

While they chose Sam and Sophie, assuming that this would render them immune from eviction, Emma Willis revealed to viewers that the reverse was true – and that Sam and Sophie, two of the series favourites, would in fact face the eviction vote next Friday.

The pair will also choose one more housemate to join them on Monday – who will also then be put up for eviction.