Jade and sons christened in ’emotional’ service

Jade Goody and her two sons have been christened in a “very short and emotional” service at the Royal Marsden Hospital in West London.

Her publicist Max Clifford said that the terminally ill former Big Brother star attended the service in the hospital chapel in a wheelchair and was assisted by nurses throughout.

He described her as being “very pale and fragile” – but added that she “had a smile and a kiss for everyone who was there.

Clifford also told reporters that the ceremony was the last thing that Jade would do in the public eye.

“It was in my mind that she was saying a final goodbye to some people,” Clifford said.

“Jade was obviously very happy with the whole thing; Jeff was there on one side, Jack was there on the other side and it was a very short and emotional service.”

I think everybody knew just how important it was to Jade,” he added.

“She finds it very hard to stay awake for more than a few minutes but she stayed awake for the 20 minutes of the service.

“It was a very positive atmosphere, after each of the boys were christened everyone clapped and after Jade was christened everyone clapped again.

“It was a very simple service. There were prayers and blessings and a few short readings.”

Jade originally planned to be christened along with sons Bobby and Freddie at a church in Essex, followed by a big children’s party.

However the plans were shelved when it became apparent that she was not well enough to go through with them.

The 27-year-old underwent surgery earlier in the week to relieve some of her pain, and has been heavily sedated for most of the time since then.

The Sun reported that she was determined to be at the christening ceremony in the hospital chapel despite being too unwell to speak or stand unaided.

Clifford said on Saturday that Jade’s two sons were not really aware of what was going on.

“They know their mother is very ill and that is something the family can help them with,” he said.

“The boys will get a party as soon as they can. I think the intention is to take them out today.”

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