Jade fears she has “just days to live”

Jade Goody has said she fears she may not live long enough to see her sons christened, according to the papers.

The Sunday Mirror reports that the terminall ill former Big Brother star, who is spending the weekend in a hospice, confided in friends after her pain worsened, and told them, “I’m not going to make it to the weekend.”

Jade planned to have Freddie and Bobby christened in a local church next Saturday before throwing a big children’s party to celebrate.

But the Mirror suggests now she may bring the ceremony forward, and possibly even hold it at her bedside.

“The courage Jade is showing really beggars belief,” a friend told the aper.

“She’s been in utter pain and at times is extremely anxious – yet she’s being typically selfless and can only think about what’s right for her boys.”

The 27-year-old has been spending the weekend at St Clare’s Hospice in Harlow, Essex, after suffering hallucinations caused by her painkilling medication.

She was said to be feeling “a lot brighter” after receiving treatment there and is set to return home on Monday, while continuing to plan the christening party.

“She no doubt feels weaker than she did this time last week and knows there is no time to waste,” the friend added.

“By Saturday afternoon, she was feeling much brighter and was concentrating on the christening party for the boys. She wants to make it special for them and their friends, even if she does have to bring it forward.”

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