Jade Goody faces a year of intensive treatment for cancer – not the six to nine weeks of therapy she’d originally hoped for.

The former Big Brother star has been told that the disease she knew had spread from her cervix was even worse than feared, according to reports in The Sun.

A source said: “This is not her worst nightmare – that would be dying and leaving her children. But it comes pretty close.”

Jade must now undergo 12 months of tough chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment after the cancer was found to have spread to the sac around her abdominal organs.

The source said: “Jade had hoped she would not lose all her hair. But now she has been told that she will definitely lose it all because the chemo will be much stronger.

“She’s really, really upset. Jade is really worried that she will feel so ill and weak that she won’t be able to look after the boys or do anything.”

Jade has been told by her consultant that her cancer is at Stage Three – meaning it has spread beyond the area surrounding the cervix – and she has been given a 50/50 chance of survival.

Jade’s sons Bobby and Freddie are being looked after by their dad, her ex Jeff Brazier, following an eight-hour op to remove their mother’s womb.

She is said to still be recovering in London’s Royal Marsden Hospital.