Jade Goody is diagnosed with cancer (VIDEO)

Jade Goody has been diagnosed with cancer while taking part in the Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother.

The reality TV star will fly back to the UK for more tests and treatment, her spokesman confirmed.

The news was broken to the 27-year-old mother-of-two while she was appearing in the Indian show Bigg Boss.

She was called into the Diary Room to speak to her UK doctor who told her the results of a recent biopsy. It is not clear whether she has womb or cervical cancer, but the latter is far more common in women of her age.

Her spokesman, Mark Thomas, said: “It is pretty obvious that she was looking forward to her time in the house, but her health is the first priority and she is flying back for treatment and more tests.”

It is understood that Big Brother personality Jade has been having tests for some time due to concerns about her health following a series of mystery collapses but doctors had, until now, been unable to find the cause.

Celebrity publicist Max Clifford told GMTV: “The most important thing is to get her back with people who care for her.”

“It is dreadful, but the irony of it is that Shilpa Shetty was instrumental in inviting Jade on the show; it was a great opportunity and something she was really looking forward to.”

It is believed she went on the Indian show to try to make amends after being accused of bullying Shilpa on 2007’s Celebrity Big Brother.

CLICK below to watch Jade Goody enter Bigg Boss just a day before her bad news.