Jade Goody: ‘Remember me as a mouthy bird’

Terminally ill reality TV star Jade Goody says she wants to be remembered as ‘a mouthy bird – the one who irritated and entertained people in equal measure’.

The 27-year-old Big Brother favourite told OK! magazine: “But I also want to be remembered as the girl who put up a fight and would never let herself get beaten down.

“I was given a death sentence, but I didn’t let it kill me. I fought it, got married, got christened. I’m happy.

“I’ve achieved more in 27 years than some achieve in a lifetime. I could bitch about dying young, but at the end of the day I can look back on my life and be proud of what I’ve done.”

Despite her pain, Jade is determined to leave the Royal Marsden Hospital this week and go home to live out her last days with her sons, Bobby and Freddie. Jade also said she would like to have a public funeral to say thank you to the millions of ordinary people who have wished her well.

She told OK!: “I have had so many kind messages from people over the past few weeks and if people feel like they want to say their goodbyes to me, then I would be happy for them to pay their respects.”

Jade, who has taken comfort from religion since she was diagnosed with cancer, said she could not understand why God had been so tough on her.

“I think he wanted to make me a strong person,” she said. “He gave me all these challenges and I think because I have coped with them he has chucked more and more at me.

“Why he has chucked this one at me, I just don’t know.”

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