Jade Goody spoke out on GMTV on Monday about her battle with cervical cancer.

The Big Brother star received the shocking diagnosis while appearing on India’s version of the reality show, Big Boss.

“It was really horrible. It was really, really hard,” she said about hearing the news in the diary room. “I had no-one. At that time when you find out, all you want is a cuddle or something and I had nothing.”

Jade had been in and out of hospital four times suffering from cramps and heavy bleeding but was continually told that although there were pre-cancerous cells present, there was nothing wrong.

Now Jade needs a hysterectomy to remove the cancer and is struggling to come to terms with it.

She told GMTV’s Fiona Phillips: “Everyone keeps saying you’re lucky you’ve got two children… I appreciate there are women out there who have had this and can’t have children but I’m 27 and I wanted a little girl to live my childhood through.”

However, Jade said that being with her two boys Bobby Jack and Freddie is helping her through the ordeal.

“It makes me smile. It makes me forget for a little bit.”

Jade decided to appear on the GMTV amid criticism from the tabloids that it was all a big publicity stunt but refuted these claims.

“I’m not doing a TV show out of this – I would never do that. It’s something I need to go through on my own and get strong.”

Watch Jade on GMTV below