Jade Goody has gone into a hospice in Essex for assessment of her treatment after she began suffering hallucinations caused by her medication.

The terminally ill former Big Brother star will spend the weekend at St Clare Hospice in Harlow, according to her publicist Max Clifford.

“Last night, after the district nurse had been in the afternoon to administer her drugs, she was hallucinating very badly because of the medication,” Clifford said.

“She had a bad night because of it. We didn’t want the same thing to happen again. She has gone in there for an assessment of the drugs to hopefully get her medication under control.”

However, Clifford reported on Saturday morning that Jade had had a better night in the hospice.

“I’ve spoken to one of her friends and they said she had a far more comfortable night,” he said.

“It was her choice to go there because obviously, with what went wrong on Thursday, she wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again.”

The Sun reports that Jade has been bedridden since her lavish wedding to Jack Tweed last Sunday, and that medical staff have been struggling to bring her pain under control.

However, the paper also said that Jade is spending time at the hospice to save her sons Freddie and Bobby some of the trauma of watching her condition deteriorate.

“Freddie and Bobby have been getting upset watching her,” a friend said. “She is concerned about the long-term mental effect it may have on them.”

She can’t bear the kids watching her dying in the family home. So she’s staying the weekend at the hospice to see how it goes.”

Clifford told the BBC News website on Saturday that one of Jade’s reasons for checking into the hospice was to protect her sons.

“They are not at the hospice,” he said. “They will be going to see her today. They don’t know it’s a hospice – they think that she is in hospital.

“She certainly wouldn’t want to be hallucinating in front of them or anybody. That’s all part and parcel of why she has done it.”

He added that apart from the medication setback her condition has been “relatively good”.

“She is being very positive,” he said. “You can’t say she has been fine because she is dying from cancer but – apart from what happened on Thursday – she has been relatively good.”

He said that Jade still planned to go ahead with her plans to have Bobby and Freddie christened next weekend – and was also hoping to be well enough next week to film a TV interview with Piers Morgan.