Jade ‘hasn’t told sons she’s dying’

Terminally ill Jade Goody has not told her young sons that she is dying, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that the cancer-stricken former Big Brother star – who was christened along with Bobby and Freddie on Saturday – has been discussing with grief counsellors how to break the news to them.

“They do not know how bad their mum is,” said Jade’s publicist Max Clifford.

“They know she is very ill but that is something that has to be handled very delicately.”

Clifford also told reporters following the christening that Jade was “noticeably physically different” from how she was at her wedding to Jack Tweed two weeks ago.

“At the wedding she had makeup. She didn’t have makeup on today. She finds it very hard to stay awake for more than a few minutes but she did stay awake for the 20-minute service and was kissing people on the way out, obviously very happy that she had done what she set out to do.

She was pain-free during the ceremony. You could tell that she was smiling and very happy that now she’s been christened.”

Jade had originally planned to be christened along with her sons at a church near her home in Essex but the plans were shelved after she became too ill to leave the Royal Marsden hospital in West London.

The service took place on Saturday in the hospital chapel, attended by close family and friends who included Tweed, her mother Jackiey Budden, personal trainer Kevin Adams and the boys’ father Jeff Brazier.

Jade attended the 20 minute ceremony in a wheelchair, assisted by nurses.

Clifford said the service was “lovely”.

“She spoke to everybody and thanked everybody as she was coming in the wheelchair,” he told reporters.

“She had a smile and a kiss for everyone. She got out of the wheelchair and sat down with the help of nurses and when she was coming back after the service everyone was kissing her and saying goodbye.”

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