Jade Goody has spoken of her torment of battling cancer alone after her boyfriend Jack Tweed was jailed on Monday, saying, ‘My world’s fallen apart’.

Jack was sentenced to 18 months for attacking a teenage boy with a golf club.

Former Big Brother star Jade is about to undergo a hysterectomy and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer.

She apparently told friends: “My world’s fallen apart. I thought it couldn’t get worse after cancer, but now they’ve locked up Jack. He’s been my rock.”

A pal of Jade told The Mirror: “Jade hoped the judge would be lenient in the circumstances and was devastated when Jack got 18 months.

“Jade is being brave about her illness and is determined to do everything she can to beat it. However, Jack being jailed couldn’t have come at a worse time. He’s been a huge comfort for her over the past few weeks.”

Hours before Jack’s sentencing, Jade spoke to GMTV about how she is coming to terms with her illness.

She told Fiona Phillips: “I’ve got to go tomorrow to find out what treatment I need. The doctor has told me over the phone but he wants to sit me down and tell me step-by-step because it’s quite sensitive.

“But my first thought was cancer, chemo, death, because that’s all I know of it.”

Jade is due to have her operation in two weeks.