Cancer-stricken star Jade Goody has been told by doctors that she has only months to live, her publicist Max Clifford has said.

Clifford said that the 27-year-old – who sprang to fame as a housemate on Big Brother – learned the news at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital on Friday.

He added that she is now getting her affairs in order and making plans for her sons’ future.

“She was aware that the cancer had spread but they said now it was a question of when rather than if,” Clifford said.

“When she pressed them as to how long she’d got, they said months.”

Jade had emergency surgery to remove a tumour in her bowel last week after being told that the cancer had spread to her liver, bowel and groin.

She had also been receiving an experimental drug, Topotecan, to help try and beat the disease.

“Jade is still fighting, but she knows in her heart there’s no chance of getting out of this situation,” a friend told The Sun. “All doctors can do is try and make her comfortable.”

The paper also reports that Jade is hoping to return to her Essex home and receive treatment from a community Macmillan nurse – which would allow her to spend more time with her sons, Bobby and Freddie.

“Jade is very frightened of dying in hospital and wants to spend what time she has left at home with her boys and family close to her,” the friend added.

She has also dictated a will from her hospital bed, leaving her estate to her sons – while Clifford told the paper that she plans to wed boyfriend Jack Tweed in the next few weeks.

Jade – who discovered that she had cervical cancer while appearing on the Indian version of Big Brother last August – has continued with media interviews and her Living TV reality show since her diagnosis,in order to make as much money as possible to leave behind for Bobby and Freddie.