Disgraced Big Brother contestant Jade Goody is reportedly entering the Indian celebrity Big Brother house next week.

Jade is due to fly to Mumbai today (Thursday) to appear on the show, called Bigg Boss, for a fee The Sun reports to be £100,000.

Her Celebrity Big Brother nemesis, Shilpa Shetty, hosts Bigg Boss and it’s believed the Essex mum of two hopes to make amends for her racist row with Shilpa last year.

A source told The Sun: “Jade wasn’t sure when she was first approached because she was worried about how the Indian housemates and public might react.

“She was really upset about everything that happened after the scandal last year. People in India were burning effigies of her in the street.

“But she really wants to clear her name and prove to everyone that she’s not a racist.”

Twelve Indian personalities will join Jade on Bigg Boss, which is based closely on Celebrity Big Brother. But because of the country’s conservative values producers will tone down any sexual aspects.