Jade’s funeral procession begins

Jade Goody’s funeral procession has set off from Bermondsey ahead of the service which will take place in Essex at noon.

The former Big Brother star was brought out of the funeral directors’ in Bermondsey, South London, just before 0830, in a white coffin shouldered by six pallbearers.

The procession will travel past some of the places where Jade lived and spent time during her life.

Beginning in Bermondsey, the first main stop of the day was in Bermondsey High Street, where the procession passed through the Blue Market, and traders – in keeping with tradition – bowed their heads in respect.

Crowds lined the streets in Bermondsey and threw flowers on to the hearse as it passed. The procession then stopped briefly and the funeral director released a white dove into the air to cheers and applause.

Jade’s grandfather John Caddock, who used to run a stall at the market, told The Sun, “I’m expecting a sea of people everywhere we go.”

The procession then passed her childhood home on the Dickens Estate, where her mother Jackiey Budden still lives.

It also crossed Tower Bridge and will pass through Loughton High Street, where Jade used to part-own a beauty salon, before arriving at St John The Baptist Church in Buckhurst Hill for the funeral service.

Wreaths lined the hearse, including one which spelled ‘granddaughter’ in white flowers.

Meanwhile The Sun reports that Jade also requested wreaths spelling out some of her best-known sayings, including ‘minging’, ‘East Angula’, ‘legend’ and ‘kebab’.

And other floral arrangements will depict key aspects of her life, including a perfume bottle, newspaper and camera. A Marmite jar has also been created in flowers after she compared herself to it, saying “You either love me or hate me”.

Some of the other floral arrangements will spell out ‘daughter’, ‘Mummy’ and ‘Goody’ while the star’s widower Jack Tweed requested a white wreath spelling out ‘wife’.

The flowers – including an arrangement sent by David and Victoria Beckham – are being carried by four cars in the procession.