Jade’s sons are “coping”, says Jeff Brazier

The father of Jade Goody’s sons has revealed to the Sunday Mirror how the boys are coping since the Big Brother star’s death.

Jeff Brazier told the paper that Bobby, six, and four-year-old Freddie often ask him what their mother – who died in March after losing her battle against cervical cancer – is doing in heaven.

And he added that the boys believe their mother can hear them when they tell her about their day.

“The most common question is ‘What’s mummy doing in heaven right now?’

“And you hear them say all sorts of things from ‘she’s going fishing with God’ to ‘Mummy’s walking her dog – she’s got a doggy in heaven’.

He added, “Obviously, when Jade was ill she lost her hair through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, so they ask me, ‘has mummy got her hair back?’

“They say whatever comes into their minds but it’s all healthy and always happy and I encourage it.”

Brazier also offered his opinion on Jack Tweed, who has hit the headlines with his recent behaviour.

He described Tweed as “young and misguided” and added that he needed to become a better role model for Bobby and Freddie.

“I refuse to judge him because I really respected his influence on Jade’s happiness in her last few months,” he said.

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