Davina McCall will host part of Friday night’s double bill of Big Brother from inside the house.

She will introduce the show’s latest highlights and eviction news alongside the housemates, who, as part of this week’s Ignore The Obvious shopping task, must do their best not to acknowledge or react to her presence and carry on as normal.

Also causing a distraction will be The X Factor’s singing twins, Jedward.

John and Edward Grimes will perform their new single, All The Small Things, from the Big Brother garden.

“We are really excited to be playing our new single in the Big Brother house. The housemates have been doing really well at this task, but we are going to make it really hard for them to ignore us,” one of the pair said.

The housemates have had to fight their natural instincts for this week’s shopping task, which has seen appearances from family members and friends, a big brass band, squabbling gorillas, noisy tourists, strippers and zombies.

Since Wednesday, they have been doing their best to ignore the various distractions sent into the house, although Mario incurred a fail when he burst into tears after seeing his grandfather dressed as Father Christmas in the Diary Room.

If they are successful in the task, they will win a luxury shopping budget and messages from home.

A new housemate is also set to enter the house on Friday. Graffiti artist Sam will make his grand entrance during the show’s double bill, following Laura’s departure on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old, from Kent, is no stranger to the show, as he was one of the six potentials alongside newcomers JJ and Rachel hoping to be chosen by the housemates last Friday.