Jemima is second Big Brother evictee

Jemima Slade has become the second housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2013, following the latest public vote on Friday’s show.

The 41-year-old dating website manager had been the bookies favourite to leave – and sure enough she lost out to ‘social chameleon’ Dexter Koh, who was saved from the chop for the second week running.

Earlier in the week fellow housemate Gina Rio, who was also facing nomination, was handed a reprieve after polling the lowest number of votes from viewers.

Jemima appeared resigned to her fate when the results were revealed, although Dexter appeared amazed – and somewhat tearful – by the news that he had been saved.

Afterwards, as she exited the house to a chorus of boos from the crowd, Jemima admitted she was surprised to have received such a negative reaction.

I didn’t think I’d get that many boos, most of the housemates didn’t think I’d go tonight,” she admitted. “They thought Dexter would go, most of them sided with me.”

Jemima added that it was hard for her to be herself completely during her fortnight in the Big Brother house, which made it tough for her.

“You’ve got so many strong characters around you,” she said. “I’m actually really witty and funny but I wasn’t able to show that.

“It’s difficult to explain until you’re actually in that environment and you’ve got other people reacting differently to you, it’s so intense in there.”

Emma Willis also revealed on the live show that next week will see the housemates taking part in face to face nominations.

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