Big Brother‘s latest evictee Ben has questioned the long-term potential of John James and Josie’s romance, calling them “very different people.”

The writer and broadcaster, who lost out to John James in Friday’s eviction battle, said that his “intense” personality could make a relationship with Josie difficult.

“They are very different people – not that that means romance couldn’t work but in my experience with friendships and romantic friendships I think longevity can only exist if you’ve got something in common with someone,” he said.

Ben went on to describe Josie as “so laid back she’s almost horizontal,” while saying John James was “the most intense person I have ever met”, and that he is constantly trying to work out who in the house is playing games.

“If I was a girl, or even as myself, I don’t know if I could cope with that level of questioning or scrutiny on a full-time basis,” Ben admitted.

“I think that could make a relationship with him difficult. But he’s very charming and very good looking and he’s got a lot of plus sides too.”

While he was in the house Ben compared the pair’s relationship to that of “a pig and a piglet”, and has since admitted that the comment was “ill-judged”. However he did say that Josie clearly “fancied John James to bits”.

“Obviously they really adore each other and I know what it’s like in the real world to have a soul mate because I have one or two,” he said.

“But whether he’ll be winging his way back to Oz or shacking up in Bristol – only time will tell.”