Josie has walked out of Ultimate Big Brother

Josie walked out of the Ultimate Big Brother house via the fire exit in the garden after deciding the experience was all too overwhelming for her on Thursday.

And in a bizarre twist of fate one of the first people she should meet when she escaped through the camera runs was John James in the Big Brother car park. He had been visiting the Big Brother compound to record a message to give to Josie.

Still wearing her microphone, she was overheard saying: “Thank god you were here when I came out!”

John James said: “You’re so stupid! I love you so much!”

She responded: “I can’t handle it no more, honestly. I’m so glad you were just there then.”

John James said: “Did you go out the same fire exit?”

Josie said: “Yes. I just thought **** this, it’s not worth it.”

The pair kissed as Josie apologised to producers, saying: “I’m so sorry guys. They’re all really nice people don’t get me wrong, I’m normal I’m not a celebrity I’m not like that.

“I couldn’t handle it no more.”

Brian was first to notice that Josie had gone as most of the other housemates were in the living room. They all rushed outside and tried to call her back from the camera run behind the fire exit, but she was already on her way out.