Josie wins Big Brother 11 final

West country lass Josie was crowned champion of the final Big Brother series on Tuesday night.

Big Brother fans have been voting since Friday and host Davina McCall revealed that Josie is this year’s winner by a huge margin.

When the voting lines closed, Josie received 77.5 per cent of the vote. A hugely popular winner Josie was first in the BB11 house… and last out.

Josie will be remembered for trying to cheer housemates up by telling them to think about the woman who got her face ripped off by a monkey, sucking her thumb, spending all her time in bed with John James, her hair roots, worrying about her ‘fat arse’ being shown on television and Dave asking her if she’s a size 18.

Josie told Davina what she would do with her £100,000 prize. “My charity’s Kick. I’d already said I’d give 20 grand to them and if the government haven’t pulled their fingers out of their a*** I’ll buy [war veteran housemate] Steve new legs.”

After her interview Josie was asked if she wanted to join the Ultimate Big Brother House. She said yes and headed back into the house. Shortly Josie will be joined by the rest of the UBB housemates.

Dave was runner-up, receiving 9.1 per cent of the vote. He’ll be remembered for entering the house dressed as a monk, allowing Ben to cut his hair in the Titan task… And looking better for it, getting intoxicated from the Lord, the glory in his belly and his dramatic weight loss.

Earlier, it was announced that Andrew finished in fifth place, JJ in fourth place, and Mario in third place.