Injured Big Brother contestant Keeley has left the show for good.

Housemates were informed that they had to pack the travel agent’s bag as she wouldn’t return after suffering a fractured ankle earlier in the week.

But numbers in the house are set to be bumped up once more as three new people will enter the house tonight (Friday). A compulsive liar, a ‘fat and proud’ busker and a lapsed Born Again Christian-turned-cougar are among the wannabes competing to enter.

Six housemates have recorded audition tapes, pleading their case for why they should join the show and revealing which housemates they like, and who they cannot stand.

These will be played into the house during the live show on Channel 4 this evening. Housemates will have one minute to choose which three should join them as official Big Brother contestants.

The six hopefuls include 41-year-old make-up artist Jo, who was once a Born Again Christian, but admits to having ‘fallen by the wayside’ and is now a self-confessed cougar, who likes prowling nightclubs looking for younger men to flirt with.

Professional boxer and gambler JJ, 23, claims to be friends with Aston Merrygold from JLS, but also admits he is a compulsive liar.

Rebellious Laura, 20 – who confessed she has no idea about political parties but states ‘I support all parties’ – likes to spend her wages in sex shops and reads the Kama Sutra.

Busker Joel, 33, is willing to leave his child and fiancee behind for the chance to go into the Big Brother house to show the world ‘fat can be sexy’ and ‘make little fat girls and boys proud’.

Bar assistant Megan, 20, from Liverpool, claims she looks like a Wag but is actually a prude, while graffiti artist Sam is single and on the look-out for “cute, innocent girls”.