Marcus is immune from the live Big Brother vote

Marcus will be immune from Big Brother‘s live nominations on Wednesday evening.

The village idiot was awarded the privilege by Siavash in his role as King Henry VIII for the Tudor shopping task, when BB said he could bestow a knighthood upon a fellow housemate, which would give that person immunity.

Siavash toyed with the idea of knighting Halfwit, formerly known as Freddie, to save him from facing the possibility of eviction for the third week in a row.

But in the end the bearded monarch decided to bestow the honour upon Wolverine wannabe Marcus, because he was ‘the person that is closest to me’.

Siavash’s favourite Big Brother housemate Cairon was evicted last Friday.

The housemates don’t know it yet, but they will have to nominate on live TV on Wednesday.

Following tonight’s highlights show at 9pm on Channel 4, a nominations show will screen live at 10.55pm.

The housemates will be called to the Diary Room one by one and will be given a strict time in which to nominate two of their fellow contestants for the boot.

They’ll also have to give valid reasons for their choices.

Charlie is not eligible to nominate after Siavash was forced to pick one housemate to be left out of this week’s nominations.

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