Mario, JJ, Dave and Jo have been nominated for eviction from the Big Brother house – after being doused with gunge by their housemates.

Instead of simply naming who they wanted to be given the boot, each of the contestants was chosen by having a bucket of slop dropped on their heads.

Mario came off worst with four buckets – two of mud, one of gunk and another potion of soup and fish sauce – poured over him, while the others were given three, including custard, baked beans and spaghetti.

Josie and John James were the only housemates to survive the task without having any buckets chucked on their heads.

The Big Brother housemates were forced to nominate in person – rather than in the diary room – as a punishment for discussing nominations. They had to approach their chosen two nominated housemates from behind and fling the buckets over their heads without discussing why they were nominating them.

Josie, John James and Dave had previously been banned from nominating Sam Pepper for breaking the rules when they implied they would nominate him this week.

Josie giggled as she threw buckets over her friends Andrew and JJ who had not yet been chosen, although at one point she had paused by her love interest John James.

Corin cried as she paused during her nominations, and told the others: “This is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do.”

The tarpaulin on which they were standing became so slippery that double amputee Steve could no longer stand up on his false legs and had to be helped into a chair. Sam poured the buckets over his selected nominees on his behalf.

The Big Brother nominees could be saved from the public’s vote by the ‘save and replace’ task later on Monday.