Mark and Winston exit the Big Brother house in double eviction

The final countdown for Big Brother 2014 began with a double eviction after Chris, Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winstone faced the public vote…

Did self-professed psychic Mark Byron, 24, know that he would be the 11th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house? He claims he did…

“Did you read the tea leaves this morning?” Emma Willis asked Mark in his post-eviction interview.

“I didn’t have to do them this week,” Mark replied. “I knew I was going. It’s the right time to go.”

“Why?” Emma asked.

“I had such an amazing experience for the most part,” Mark said, “but for the past few weeks I’ve just been kind of losing my head a little bit. There are people in there who would be better finalists than me. But I think I’ve had the best experience out of everybody in there.”

“Why’s that?” Emma continued.

“It’s been amazing. I won five grand on the first day. I’ve been in all the amazing tasks. I’ve made incredible friendships. Nothing went wrong for me. It was just a brilliant summer.”

“We’ve seen you smooching with Christopher. You two had your ups and downs but you did have quite a lovely relationship,” said Emma. “It started off really well but in the past couple of weeks we’ve seen the arguments happen.”

Mark looked stunned by the video clips Emma shows him of his time with Christopher…

“I don’t know where it started to go wrong,” Mark told her.

“Can you see a future for the two of you?” Emma asked him.

“We have a lot in common but we argue too much,” Mark said. “I’m not going to write him off, though. I’ll see what happens after this [Big Brother].”

He won’t have long to wait, with the live final on Friday, August 15.

The big shock to the remaining housemates was that Winston Showan won’t be in the final.

It was a shock to Winston, 27, too, to become the 12th housemate to be evicted. On entering the house, Winston had said the “”Win” in Winston meant he was a sure thing.

“Winstone…you lose some,” Emma joked, as he made his exit.

“Were you quite shocked that your name was just called out?” she asked Winstone.

“Yeah, a little bit,” Winstone admitted.

“How do you feel about being sat here?” Emma continued.

“I am a bit gutted but I made it through 65 days. I would have loved to have made the final, though.”

Emma then moved on to Winstone’s bromance with Ash.

“What made you two click?” Emma asked.

“He’s just so laid back, we have quite a lot in common and he’s so down to earth,” Winstone answered. “He’s the type of guy I’d introduce to my sister.”

Winstone then revealed that Danielle is not the sort of girl he would take home and that she shocked him when she came on to him.

And the blossoming romance he had with Tamara before she was evicted?

“Yes, I would definitely like to see her again,” Winstone smiled.

So, the six finalists are: Helen Wood, Ash Harrison, Ashleigh Coyle, Christopher Hall, Pavandeep ‘Pav’ Paul and Chris R Wright.

Big Brother, Channel 5, nightly at 9.00pm.