Michael Jackson wants to visit dying Jade

Michael Jackson sent his ‘love’ to Jade Goody and asked if he could visit her in hospital, her publicist has said.

The terminally ill Big Brother star was ‘exhausted’ and under 24-hour security protection after being confronted by a woman with a hammer, Max Clifford said.

But he added that cancer-stricken Jade had been cheered by messages of goodwill from the Thriller singer, who recently announced plans to perform in London.

“Michael Jackson phoned her over the weekend but couldn’t get through,” he said. “He wanted to pop in and see her but instead sent her his love and said he was thinking about her.”

Michael appears to be a fan of the Channel 4 reality show. He apparently watches Big Brother and his brother and sister have taken part in the celebrity version of the show in the UK.

In 2007, Jade returned to the Big Brother house to take part in the celebrity show. Among her housemates was Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson, who performed with his superstar sibling in The Jackson 5.

As he entered the house, Jermaine told host Davina McCall that Michael would be watching the show.

“Michael’s in Vegas right now but he has a way of seeing everything,” he said.

Big Brother was embroiled in controversy that year when it sparked an international outcry amid allegations that Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty was the victim of racist bullying at the hands of Jade, model Danielle Lloyd and S Club singer Jo O’Meara.

Another Jackson family member, singer LaToya, was on TV screens in January for the latest Celebrity Big Brother series.

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