Mohamed makes Big Brother final!

Mohamed Mohamed has secured his place in the final week of Big Brother after being voted Head of House by his fellow housemates.

The housemates were asked to vote for the final Head of House instead of nominating housemates for eviction.

Mohamed received four votes, while Kathreya received three votes. Rachel, Darnell and Lisa each received two votes and Sara, Michael and Rex received one nomination each.

This means that Mo – dubbed Greedy Mo by his housemates because of his love of food – is now immune from Friday night’s public eviction vote.

As Big Brother announced the winner, a stunned Mohamed sat in silence on the sofa, while his fellow housemates whooped and cheered.

But despite Big Brother giving the housemates a whole host of ‘special gifts’ on Sunday, the tension of spending 82 days in the house is beginning to take its toll with Kathreya breaking down in tears.

She told Rachel: “I’m so tired of Darnell, I don’t even want to talk to you about it, because you are friends with both sides. I’m very sad about all this.”

Rachel replied: “My advice is you need to talk to Darnell, you need to sit down and have a proper chat.

“People are just getting on top of each other in here. No one means it. Little things niggle people. It’s nothing major, but in here it’s a big deal.

“If he doubted you, he wouldn’t be your friend – everyone shows their affection in different ways. He does love you, he cares about you.”