A member of the Women’s Institute, a political protester and a former lap dancer are among the housemates on Big Brother 8.

Hours before the Channel 4 show kicks off once again, Big Brother has released some tantalising clues about this year’s contestants.

They include the oldest housemate yet, a nanny and a relative of a Premiership footballer. Two have children, nine are single and three have never been on a plane.
One was a child prodigy – she could read by the age of two.

And this year’s house should be spick and span – one of the housemates is a cleaner.

This will be the first time a Women’s Institute (WI) member has appeared on the show.

The WI were best known for their old-fashioned “jam and Jerusalem” image until a group of them famously posed nude – a stunt which became the subject of hit film Calendar Girls.

All will be revealed about the housemates in Wednesday night’s live launch show at 9pm.

The Premiership footballer’s relative is reportedly Charlie Richardson, the cousin of Manchester United player Kieran Richardson.

According to the Sun, the fiery 20-year-old lives in the East End and is good friends with David Beckham’s younger sister, Joanne.

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said intrigued viewers would have to wait until the programme to find out the identity of the contestants.

She said: “We never confirm or deny speculation before the show starts.”